Now more than ever, patients are unlikely to walk in the door and make an appointment, or even pick up a phone to check their medical records. Any business in the healthcare space, from massive research hospitals to solo chiropractors, need to offer an efficient online experience that makes clients feel welcomed, confident and secure. 

And because the needs of health and wellness businesses are so unique, a niche area of web development has evolved to meet them. If you own and operate a healthcare practice or are charged with updating the website, take the time to vet out established agencies, and be sure to work with a team of software engineers that have experience working with medical providers. 

If there’s any doubt or you need to justify spending the extra cash, here are 5 reasons why custom web development is so crucial for health and wellness brands. 

  • Patient Privacy Concerns

There are plenty of talented engineers out there who can build you a beautiful website. But if you have to follow up every step of the way to make sure the solution they’re building is HIPAA-compliant, you’re going to waste valuable time and money. Plus, if you end up rolling out a site or app that doesn’t adhere to the necessary protocols for healthcare providers, you’ll lose much more cash when you have to re-build your site down the road. 

Do yourself a favor and partner with an agency that already knows how to build secure websites that meet all the strictest requirements for data privacy. 


  • You’re Facing High User Expectations

It’s common knowledge that site visitors exit the screen within a matter of seconds if pages take too long to load or the experience feels off. We’re all guilty of getting impatient and giving up, returning to Google for a faster option. 

But the stakes are higher in a healthcare setting. The site visitor, in this case, may be providing sensitive information or booking an urgent appointment. And they expect to get exactly the information they need, quickly. A simple design flaw, like making your phone number or address hard to find, could mean losing patients. 

  • Building Trust Is More Important Than Ever

In order to be successful in any industry, every business needs a website that instills trust in the user. It’s even more crucial for healthcare clients. 

Your online presence needs to demonstrate that you’re established, trustworthy, and that you take your patients’ needs seriously. That means consistent design elements, an appealing user flow, and careful strategy behind font, photo and video selection. Web developers who are accustomed to working with healthcare clients will already know what works, and what doesn’t.  


  • You Need Seamless Two-Way Communication

You’re not looking for a website that’s “good enough.” You want to provide an online user experience that inspires patients to come back for years and even generations. If they contact you and never hear back or can’t figure out how to reach you in the first place, you’ve lost a client to your competition. 

In the healthcare space, fast and secure patient/doctor communication is a pivotal aspect of your site. Partner with someone who knows how to build a platform where clients can easily submit questions, book appointments, and see responses from the right individual – whether they’re using a desktop, iPhone or Android. 

  • Personal Information Needs to Be Easily Accessible

When you’re dealing with someone’s personal information and medical history, you need to store their data in a way that’s private and secure, but also readily accessible when they need it most. This poses unique challenges when it comes to constructing a website. Web developers who have worked with multiple healthcare clients understand how to build an interface that’s fast, easy to use, and delivers client information securely. 

Ready to build a website that work for you and your clients? Let’s talk about your goals, and how we can help improve the patient experience for your healthcare business.